•  The Central European Leibniz Society (CELS) is a functional and organizational part of the Department of Philosophy and the History of Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice.

  • The primary motive for establishing the CELS as a specialized scientific and research unit was the absence of such a specialized scientific and research organization with the content and subject focus on the study of the philosophic and scientific legacy of G. W. Leibniz in the CE area. A secondary incentive, model, and motive of the inception of the CELS was a challenge to the existing Leibniz Societies in Western Europe (Société d'études leibniziennes de langue française in Paris, Sociedad Española Leibniz in Madrid, Sodalitas Leibnitiana in Torun), the Leibniz Society of North America in Houston, and more.

  • The mission of the CELS scientific-research activity aimed at the study of the philosophical and scientific legacy of G. W. Leibniz and sharing the results of this activity in the form of expert lectures and seminars for student communities and the wider professional and general public.


  • Activity of the CELS consists in the scientific study of the philosophical and scientific legacy (in areas such as mathematics, logic, physics) of G. W. Leibniz based on the existing issues and on the recent editorial units – collected works of the so-called Akademie Verlag of this polyhistor. Since the collected edition of Leibniz´ works has as yet not been completed, the CELS aims to contribute by employing philosophical and scientific analysis of the primary works by Leibniz to contribute to the most detailed and deepest understanding of his thought, its dissemination and promotion. In addition to the above mentioned objective, the CELS will focus on the research into Leibniz´ thinking in the context of the history of philosophy (variants of historical-philosophical interpretations). The researchers will be the CELS staff at the UPJŠ FA Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy and part-time associates - specialists mainly from the European Studies Centre of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, UFR Faculté des lettres, Université Paris I and Paris IV Panthéon – Sorbonne, France, Département de philosophie, Faculté des lettre, Université de Montréal, Canada, Leibniz Gesellschaft in Hannover, Société d´études leibniziennes de langue Université Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne.

  • In the milieu of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, acute absence of translations of Leibniz´ works into the Czech language and the Slovak language is perceived. In order to eliminate this disproportion, translation activity will be one of the basic activities of the CELS, as provided by the full-time staff and part-time collaborators-specialists from the French, German and Latin languages into the Czech and Slovak languages.

  • The language of the CELS will Slovak, Czech, French, and English.

  • Scientific research outcomes of the CELS will be presented in the form of conferences, colloquia and meetings of associates, as well as publishing the outputs at various levels (specialist studies, monographs, textbooks, magazines, collective monographs, journals, and translations).

  • In the spirit of permanent scientific development, the CELS will track content- and topic-equivalent projects of international provenance and respond to them adequately. The CELS is ready to promptly and purposefully respond to calls for proposals and applications for grant schemes.


The CELS at the UPJŠ FA Department of Philosophy and History of Philosophy is planning to establish cooperation with the following institutions and organization abroad: